Blink Me

This kit is a great beginner's kit for learning about transistors, capacitors, and resistors to create a dual LED blinker.

The Blink Me is a super simple circuit for using the magic of capacitors and transistors to create a dual led flasher that can be used in anything that requires some sort of flickering light. It’s a super easy Learn to Solder kit as well!

Kit Parts:

  • Blink Me PCB Board
  • 2x 2n3904 NPN transistors
  • 2x 10uF capacitors
  • 2x 10k ohm resistors
  • 2x 470 ohm resistors
  • 1x red 3mm LED
  • 1x orange 3mm LED
  • 1x yellow 3mm LED
Build Notes:
  • Follow the silk screen when figuring out how to put the transistors in.
  • Three LEDs are provided, but only 2 are necessary - feel free to choose which two colors to mix!
Assembly Video: