Drink Me

This is a cute wine-shaped breathalyzer that allows you to visualize alcohol content with rising LED "bubbles"!

The Drink Me is a breathalyzer that uses the MQ-3 alcohol sensor commonly found on hobbyist sites everywhere! It has been calibrated and works with a simple 9v. You can also put it on a keychain and bring it to your next party for some [non-official] testing!

Kit Parts: [Picture shows 2 Drink Me's]

  • Assembled PCB with LM3914 in a socket.
  • Separate 9V clip. You can either solder these wires in, or solder breadboard wires in if you’d like.
  • 9v battery not provided. It only increases shipping for you, so let me save you some money!
Build Notes:
  • So you will need to hold down the switch in order to power up the Drink Me. This is to conserve battery power because the MQ3 sensor and LM3914 driver are major power hogs.
  • If you find that the lights are lit when you first turn on power, this may require some adjustment of the potentiometers until none of the LEDs light up. Then test with an alcohol swab to ensure that they do light up. I will calibrate them before sending them out.
  • Fresh MQ-3 sensors require that constant power is given for 24 hours to “burn them in”. I will do this process for you. So you should receive one that is ready to go!
Demonstration Video:

(note that this video is of an older version, but it functions the same.)