Protosynth MIDI

The Protosynth MIDI is a powerful MIDI prototyping platform that converts incoming MIDI events into electrical signals that make experimentation very simple!

Product Parts:

  • The Protosynth MIDI is a hand-made, hand-finished, solid wood case with the Protosynth MIDI board and 5 prototyping breadboards installed and tested. It is ready for experimentation right out of the box!
  • A 7.5V @ 1A power supply (wall wart) is also provided.
Additional Photos:

Back of the Protosynth MIDI - Four 1/4-inch audio jacks, MIDI input jack, and power jack:
Installed Protosynth MIDI PCB with ports:
MIDI Channel Selectors and On/Off switch:
Access to back panel audio jacks:
Advanced Options:
MIDI Channel A:
MIDI Channel B:
Power Section:
Please refer to the highly detailed datasheet for additional information!