SMT Amplify Me

This is a small footprint SMT low voltage audio amplifier that is great for hobby level projects, instruments, and radios!

The LM386 is a low voltage audio amplifier that is great for hobby-level projects, instruments and radios!

Kit Parts:

  • Populated PCB with mounting holes for battery and speaker
  • 10k potentiometer
  • 9v battery + battery clip
Build Notes:
  • 10k potentiometer: This is a volume knob! There are two ways to mount this. You can either solder wires to the three leads of the potentiometer and then solder those wires to the board, or, you can directly solder the potentiometer leads to the board. Remember, if you use the chip socket, you won’t be able to do the latter. The potentiometer control dial must be facing AWAY from the board.
  • Speaker: This board ideally drives an 8 ohm impedance speaker. Wire holes have been provided. The speaker, however, has not. You could theoretically wire up a 1/4″ jack to this side and pipe it into a speaker or another amplifier.
  • Battery: This board runs off of a 9v battery and holes have been provided for a battery clip!
Tymkrs Notes:

In our own Tymkrs projects, we’ve used this amplifier for cigar box guitars, electric guitars, and microphones as a second amplification stage. It’s handy to have around instead of having to breadboard up a version all of the time! We’ve also made a six channel amplifier with them!