TTL8 Module

This allows you to control 8 items (ie. LEDs) with one serial to parallel shift register to drive low current loads.

We wanted to make shift registers dead easy to use - whether for LEDs, or audio purposes, or to control 8 items simultaneously with 1s and 0s, this assembled TTL8 module is it! This allows you to control 8 items with one shift register. For larger current items, please check out the NPN8 module!

Kit Parts:

  • Assembled TTL8 module with OR without indicator LEDs
  • Male headers if you choose to use them.
Build Notes:

  • With Port In on the top left, from left to right, it’s Power -> GND -> Clock -> Latch -> Serial
  • Port Out allows you to daisy chain these to control other boards - and again left to right it’s Power -> GND -> Clock -> Latch -> Data
  • The 0-7 headers are where you solder what you want to drive
  • The LEDs serve as debug LEDs, or they can be what you control with your microcontroller
  • The +/- serve as another location you can feed power and ground to. Just keep in mind that + has to be the same voltage as whatever you’re putting into Power on the Port In header.
Example Set-up:

Much like the NPN8 module, I wanted to test my shift register code to see if it would light up LEDs.

So all I did was connect Power to VSS on the Propeller Demo board, GND to VDD, and then Clock, Latch and Data to Pins 2, 1, and 0 on the demo board. And the code worked!

Demo Code: (PICs)

New to shift registers? Not sure how to use them?